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"It All Starts With The Name"

Every new company, brand or product all have one thing in common - "It all starts with the name" - or at least that is how we see it. Our company has built-out thousands of fully developed websites, as well as a large international ad network over the past 25 years. Our team of directors started in print & broadcast advertising, publishing and media development many years ago, well before there was the Internet. Back in 1994 we brought our respective skills together for our first website project. After all these years and thousands of websites later, we have streamlined the development process. The very first step we take is to start with a name. Not just any name, but a keyword strong domain name that explains what it is we are offering on the new website. We study the new market, industry trends, algorithms and saturation. From this we build data to use in our brand development and naming process. We then look for the perfect domain name for our new business. Before we ever lay down one line of code or scripts, we start with the name – or the domain name, every time.

Now when we speak of domain names we do not mean just any domain name - we mean a keyword strong domain that is memorable, and right on target. The "right" domain name will offer much better placement in the search engines, easier client awareness, stronger loyalty and the most important part - a GRAND BRAND from day one. All of which makes your new website business, a much greater success right from the start-up stage. If you need help with branding, naming or online development services, please contact one of our brand experts at GrandBrands.com for assistance with any of your project requirements.

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